Backcountry Dog Salon LLC

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To ensure that you have a speedy check-in please complete all forms below prior to check-in. Forms can be emailed to the salon at or brought with you.

What You Get

Unlike other salons, Backcountry Dog Salon offers a comprehensive bathing package that includes shampoo and conditioner made with all natural ingredients. They are soap free without any harsh chemicals, are made in the U.S.A, and have botanical extracts that work with your dog's coat to promote healthy skin and hair while adding a pleaseant aromatherapy effect.

Drying & Brushing

In addition, your dog will be dried with our variable speed dryer to ensure that your fur baby will not over heat or become overly stressed during the drying process. After being dried your dog will brushed thoroughly to remove any excess hair and tangles.


Lastly your furry pal will have their nails clipped and filed to protect your skin and your floors from unnecessary damage.


Our bathing services start at $25-$40 per visit, depending on your dogs size and coat type. See our Services Menu or Contact Us directly for more information.

Dog Bath